“My Webworld: Truth for Rural Youth” (AKA TRY) was a project designed specifically for Lanark County youth, grades 7-12, to learn stuff, ask stuff and post their own stuff about issues that impact their lives: dating violence, healthy relationships, abuse, sexuality, gender dynamics and so much more.

TRY included a comprehensive website, Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Twitter account- all of which were built to provide educational material, downloadable resources that visitors can made use of and tips on how youth can be effective advocates to end violence.This project was hosted by Lanark County Interval House and funded by a grant from Status of Women Canada.

A lot of really great resources were created by youth in our area to address dating violence, healthy relationships and so much more. While the funding is done and the project is over, we still have the incredible things those youth created. Feel free to use any of these resources to help yourself or others who may need it.

Youth Relationship Warning Signs Video   Relationship-Spectrum-Healthy-Unhealthy-Abusive1    Gr 7 & 8 Healthy relationships (1)  teen-bill-of-rights-pdf    Draw The Line Video   Fighting fair handout pdf   conflict resolution handout pdf

Abuse What you can do pngactivism what you can do imagehealthy relationships what you can do imagewarning signs what you can do imageGender what you can do pngTypes of Abuse