Every holiday season LCIH distributes holidaysgifts for women and children all across Lanark County. Though gifts are wonderful and we are extremely appreciative for your donations, the holidays are often a time when women feel that they don’t have many choices. Gift Cards provide them with the freedom to make choices specific to their families wants and needs for the holidays. We appreciate any and all offerings, but if you are wondering what the ideal way to help might be, both gift cards and monetary gifts that LCIH can often spread a little bit further thank you to the kindness and generosity of corporations and community affiliates are both optimal.

This time of year can be particularly difficult for our families in new living situations – perhaps the family is in a new home with new custody arrangements or perhaps a woman is spending the holidays completely on her own for the first time. Also violence and threats often escalate over the holidays even for women who have left, the threats and abuse can follow.

The staff and volunteers of LCIH do what we can to make it a little easier, and especially for the the women and children who spend the holidays living with us in the shelter.

It’s really wonderful for us as staff when we are able to deliver the gifts – to not be a representation of the stress for a change but to offer good cheer instead. It’s a great pick-me-up for all of us!

Holiday Donations are wonderful. If you’d like to help, please consider the following –

Monetary Donations – these are ideal and allow us to put the money towards the greatest need. We will issue a charitable donation receipt to you that you can use as a credit on your taxes.

Gift Card Donations – if you would prefer to help out with the donation of a gift card to your favourite store, we will also issue to you a charitable donation receipt that you can use at tax time.

Gifts for Women – as all women are different with varied tastes, it’s hard to give suggestions for the perfect one-size-fits-all gift but some suggestions might be, gift cards for your favourite book store or drug store, some bath products or maybe even a really nice towel or slippers. Our counsellors who know the women they support the best pick just the right items for that woman. It’s a wonderful experience to watch them find something that’s “Perfect for Jennifer!”  or something that “Julie will love.”

Gifts for Children – We counsel children of all ages throughout the year so our gifts range for all ages also. From little babies to preschoolers to school-aged children, right up to teens. Our rec-room becomes a “Toy Workshop” where we sort and pick the perfect gift for each child. If you are planning to purchase a gift for a child, please consider the school-aged children and the teens. We are often find ourselves running buy items for these age-groups because who would think of sending men’s gloves to a woman’s shelter? It’s certainly understandable – but our teen boys really do appreciate the gift and it reminds them that someone is thinking of them too.

Food Donations for Holiday Meals etc. – We are extremely grateful for food donations all year long. It costs upwards of $30,000 for our annual (frugal) grocery bill at the shelter. Please see the Wish List for ideas of regular food donations. During the holidays, we also hope to be able to serve some special items like Turkeys, pies and other great holiday foods etc.*

*for perishable donations, please call the admin team directly – 613-257-3469. Also note that we do not serve pork in the shelter.

 Where to drop off:

Carleton Place:

Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce Visitor Centre in the Old Trainstation on Coleman Street

Drop off gifts for women and children at one of these partner businesses.

For more information, please call Lanark County Interval House at 613-257-3469

To make a monetary donation,

or mail to Lanark County Interval House P.O. Box 107, Carleton Place, ON, K7C 3P3

For more information, call the admin team at 613-257-3469