LCIH proudly participates in Lanark County Pride

On Saturday, June 11, at the Lanark County Pride Parade, our community came together in solidarity, celebration and peace. We wish this had been the case everywhere. We at LCIH were proud to be included in our local events and will continue to work with  our communities to create safety, respect and dignity for everyone, everywhere.

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Commonwell Mutual Insurance Awards $17,000 Grant to LCIH

We want to extend a deep thank you to The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group and their incredible C.A.R.E. Program (Create A Ripple Effect) which has granted us $17,000 to do critical public education and prevention work here in Lanark County to help end violence against women. This work has the power to change lives and we could not do it without the support of Commonwell. Learn more about their wonderful organization here

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“Across the world, the most dangerous place for a woman to be is in her own home.”

from “peace is…women imagine a peaceful world” by Jennier deGroot

We can do better! Join us in our mission to end violence against women. You can support the important work we do to end violence here in our own community by volunteering, donating, hosting a fundraiser, and sharing the important information about violence and how to support survivors with compassion (found on this website). email us at for more info.

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LCIH reaches out to local MPP Randy Hillier, the Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Legislature.

April 6, 2016

What needs to happen to create a safer community?  What needs to happen to create a sense of meaningful justice and validation of women’s lived experience at the hands of their abusers?  What needs to happen to build the capacity of each member of the community at large to say NO to acts of violence?  What needs to happen to compel those with power and responsibility to act in a manner that protects the rights of victims?

Attempt murder?  ...

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LCIH Honours 35 Year Herstory

While LCIH officially opened in May of 1979, the shelter was already occupied in April by women in need of emergency services. We’ve had a long history of supporting women throughout the county and continue to expand muchneeded services over the years.

In 2002, we opened our first outreach office in order to better serve the many women who were not residing at the shelter but who were also experiencing violence at the hands of their partners.

At this time, we also ...

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Wrapped in Courage

The Purple Scarf Campaign “Wrapped in Courage” was initiated as a provincial campaign by the OAITH this year.  The campaign encourages you to wear a purple scarf in support of the courage of women who flee violence and visually represents your support in the effort to end VAW.
LCIH has chosen to modify the approach to the campaign to connect the local to the provincial.
You can be part of that.


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