Will You Wear A Purple Scarf?


” Seeing is Believing; A Picture Paints a 1000 words- Lanark County Speaks Volumes”

Calling the people of Lanark County and  all local leaders. We want your photo and your vow to take action during the 16 Days of Action to End Violence Against Women.

The Purple Scarf Campaign “Wrapped in Courage” was initiated as a provincial campaign by the OAITH this year.  The campaign encourages you to wear a purple scarf in support of the courage of women who flee violence and visually represents your support in the effort to end VAW.

LCIH has chosen to modify the approach to the campaign to connect the local to the provincial. We will be collecting and taking photos of political leaders, social service providers, business leaders, students, and every day people across the county. We hope for wide participation because this issue is everyone’s issue. 

What to do:

  • Take your picture wearing your purple scarf to show your support and commitment.
  • We invite you to have a sentence printed in your hand stating what action you plan to take during the 16 days of action to help contribute to the fight.
  • We will take as many pictures as we can from November 25th to about December 5th
  • We will release a yearbook style poster December 6th. That is our goal!  We would have the poster printed and available on our website and facebook page.
WE would love to include your picture and those of your friends and colleagues in the poster.  You can do this in many ways;
  • You can contact LCIH and get a scarf and take pictures at your workplace or in your community and submit them by facebook, and or email.
  • You can come to LCIH and get your picture done here (please bring your written statement- big enough so it shows in the picture), or
  • You can contact LCIH to see how to book at time with a photographer who will host a couple of days and times when you can go have your picture taken.
  • Lastly, you can request that a LCIH person visit your venue and take pictures.

The possibilities are endless.

Across Ontario, many communities have folks wearing purple ribbons and local police in some communities are doing various things to acknowledge December 6th.  We welcome your ideas in support of ending violence across the County.  If the local police forces or other first responders would consider having purple ribbons on their cruisers December 6th that would be amazing.  Local politicians could wear purple in their communities on a designated day etc.
We really want to demonstrate how Lanark County represents solution-based action in our communities and we feel this is a great way to do it!
For more information, call the shelter admin team at 613-257-3469 or email info@lcih.com!