What does Lanark County Interval House (LCIH) do in our community?

LStatsanark County Interval House is the only agency in all of Lanark County dedicated to ending violence and supporting women and children manage and flee from violent relationships.

We offer extensive and intense services across the county including Pakenham, Almonte, Perth, Smiths Falls, Tay Valley, Montague, Lanark and all of the rural areas surrounding and in between.

Our services are all free and confidential and include but are not limited to:

Residential services:

Crisis Line/Advice Line 24 hours

Our counsellors take calls on our crisis line 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days a year including holidays.

Emergency Shelter

24 hour emergency shelter for a woman and her children fleeing domestic violence. Women from all types of lifestyles arrive in all ways and for many reasons. Women have arrived after walking distances.

The average stay is approximately two months, though that number is rising as housing options are growing more limited in the county. Four and five month stays are becoming more common.

Children’s Program Happy child with painted hands

Our residential children’s program works with children and youth. The program includes mother support, children’s activities and children and youth counselling.

Residential Counselling

Women residing in the shelter have access to residential counsellors for support and strategies during this intense time after leaving an abusive home. Safety planning and other relevant services are also provided.

Special programming with volunteers include financial management education and support, art sessions, makeovers, yoga and other services. (If you have a special skill and would like to donate some time volunteering to support the women and children in the shelter please see the Volunteer Opportunities page.)

Transitional Support Program

Our transitional support staff provides helps women who are moving on into a new home after leaving an abusive situation. Help might include assistance with legal statements, housing and financial applications, safety planning, and transition planning (for example, plans for education, employment, and activities). We will also provide referrals to other resources in our community.

Outreach Programsmother daughter

Outreach Women’s program Counselling is available for all women who have experienced violence whether or not she has accessed the shelter. We offer one-on-one counselling services and group/peer counselling sessions. The relationship with a woman and her counsellor may last only a short time or may become a long and intense process that helps a woman heal and successfully move on after experiencing terrible abuse.

Outreach Children’s program for children and youth. This program offers indepth counselling and support for children who have witnessed abuse. Children may also participate in peer group sessions and mother and child counselling sessions.

 Sexual Assault Support Program

The Sexual Assault Support Program offers individual counselling and  in the short term or the long term. Individual counselling is available to women who want support and counselling for sexual assault trauma/ childhood sexual abuse trauma. Group sessions also run in both the fall and the spring to allow women to connect with other women who can connect with understanding and to share experiences and strategies.

Court Support Program

After she leaves, some abusers will transfer the arena of abuse to the justice system. The court support worker provides information about the family court process, helps victims prepare for family court proceedings, refers women to other specialized services and supports in the community, helps with safety planning, such as getting to and from court safely and accompanies the victim to court proceedings, where appropriate.

LCIH is a small, individual, local charity

Lanark County Interval House is not a member of a national umbrella organization. We are members of various associations of individual shelter and transition houses, but there is no national organization providing fundraising or other service or communications support. We are a small, local charity providing intense, critical services for women of all walks of life in every type of neighbourhood of Lanark County.