Where is the Love?

This highly successful three-year project has officially come to an end.

It was led by Lanark County Interval House  and was designed to inspire youth to raise awareness and education about dating violence and sexual assault.

The Where is the Love? project team held two annual youth conferences where youth lead and participated in interactive workshops to learn about healthy and unhealthy dating relationships.

Each fall, we held a youth conference for high school students from across the county to learn more about dating violence and sexual assault and, together, we learned about the many ways that we could raise awareness in local high schools and communities about these serious issues. Then, in the spring, we held a conference  to showcase the students’ many exciting anti-violence initiatives.

Where is the love

What were the goals of this project?

    • To inspire youth to raise awareness about dating violence and sexual assault in their own schools and communities
    • To promote education about healthy and unhealthy relationships; to support youth in initiating their own anti-violence projects
    • To help break the cycle of violence that threatens, for the most part, so many young women and girls.


Want to learn more?! Listen to what Barb Lotan, former Project Liaison, shared live with Lake 88 here!


To learn more, e-mail: whereisthelove@lcih.com

Where is the Love? was funded through Status of Women Canada’s Women’s Program.

Status of Women Canada


Our youth conferences have been made possible through the support of many local groups including the Perth and District Community Foundation.