Loving You – Personal Wellness Day, Sept. 6

Consider yourself cordially invited to the new expansive grounds of the Angels Roost Organic Spa on Saturday September 6th for a unique journey of spiritual and physical wellness.

Receive you own personal Spiritual Reading in the Enchanted Orchard.
Enjoy a Yoga session on the soft grass under the shade trees.
Kick some butt while learning Self Defense techniques across the bridge on the island.
Indulge in locally sourced, home-made Foods
Stroll through the flower gardens while browsing the local Artisan Stands,
Walk up the lane for Farm-Fresh Vegetable Market
and try your luck in the 50/50 draw 

You’ll find all of this and more.

We are just in the planning stages now. Come back often to check out all the great vendors, presenters and other great activities! We’ll add them as they are confirmed!

Plan to receive your personal reading or Henna art from one of our wonderful friends below!

Ann Gratton – Henna Artist and Co-Organizer

“Life is an up and down journey, with many twists and turns, … some very difficult.  Interval House provided me with not just support but with the tools that I needed and still use to this day, in order to strive for my greatest success and happiness.  I would like to be a small part in helping another woman along her journey.”
ANN’S BIO Ann has been a henna artist for approx 18 years.  She loves the doodling exotic aspects of the designs and enjoys adding this or that to them making each unique.  She especially loves the spiritual essence of this temporary art form, sensing that its beauty and fragility is much like that of our forests, relationships, our very lives.  Ann has also been reading and teaching the the Tarot for 41 years.

Lise Guignard – Tarot and Medicine (Totem) card reader


Deb Shea – Tarot Card reader 


Leanne Dwyer – Angel Card reader

“My name is Leanne and I am honored to participate in this fundraiser for Interval House.
Interval House does such wonderful work to help women and children in distress. I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator and I have a very passionate attitude about helping to raise the children of this world!
Everyone deserves a healthy, happy loving start in life and I think the work that Interval House does to step in at a time where life is unstable for families is very admirable and necessary. If I can help in some small way by raising some funds then I am ready and willing!”

Dan Connolly – Sound and Energy Worker

“I’m doing this because we need to support safe havens like Interval House. The work they do is vital to the community and it’s an honour to help out.”

Sandra Martin – Information and Scheduling

“Growing up in Newfoundland as the eldest of a large family, helping others is a part of who I am.  My philosophy is that it is not a choice but an obligation for those who have to help those who temporarily haven’t.”