inSPIRE Church Visit

How truly lucky we are that there are kind and generous people in the world. We received a visit from the inSPIRE Church of Carleton Place who are hosting a group of young people from the Pleasant Valley North Baptist Church in Rome Georgia. These groups volunteer their time to help charities and other causes. And what a group of hard workers they are!

They stained the security fencing, redid our garden (the garden was in desperate need of their love!), cleaned the porch and took down a wasps nest from the playground we hadn’t even discovered yet!

Not only did they accomplish these much-needed tasks for us, but they are the most pleasant and polite group you would ever want to meet. The young people thanked us for the ‘opportunity’ to help us.

InSPIRE is a very appropriate name for the church because their actions are truly inspirational.
We thank them for all of their help.

The whole group in front of the bus. Team members from both Rome Georgia and Carleton Place.

The garden team asked,  “Do you mind if we buy some new plants to replace these dead plants?”

The garden now looks fantastic; they even installed a drenching hose to ensure we don’t neglect to water it.

Our wonderful fence painters!

One of these handsome men took down the wasps nest and stomped it with no other tools than a rag.

These ladies had to get brushes to scrub the porch. It’s sparkling now.

All the way from Rome, Georgia!