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Demonstrate your corporate responsibility and community involvement while making a major positive impact on the health and hope of families living throughout Lanark County.  Our most exciting new venture is still unfolding and we need your ongoing support more than ever.

LCIH is moving forward with plans to launch a Second Stage Housing Program in Summer 2018 – the first-ever in Lanark County.  We are just at the beginning of the long road ahead.  Second Stage Housing is not funded in any formal capacity.  Considering the many costs associated with such an undertaking, including start-up and operational costs, this is why we are highlighting this important program at present time.

The lack of safe, affordable housing options sadly remains the case for women and their children in Lanark County as current wait times for Housing are anywhere from 3-14 months depending on where a woman lives in Lanark County.

Knowing that a woman is killed by her partner or ex-partner every 6 days in Canada, women and children cannot afford to wait this long for safe and secure housing to become available.

You can help women and children escape their violent and abusive homes and give them a choice by supporting this program.  Second Stage Housing is a necessary investment to help women and child survivors of violence.

Supporting this program is a fantastic and very helpful way to get involved.  Please call or email us if you are interested to invest in Second Stage Housing, or to arrange for a conversation around how we can best use your investment.

Resource Development Coordinator
613-257-3469 x 27

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