I am (My group is) planning to raise funds for a local charity. We’d like to support you.

Groups and individuals can help support LCIH programs for women and children by raising funds to support our programs.

Whether you’re raising funds in honor of a loved one, celebrating a birthday, establishing a bridal registry, or even creating your own fundraiser, your efforts will help us continue to offer our 24 hour help line, emergency shelter, transitional and safety support, counselling for women and for children and more.

You can contact the Fundraising Coordinator at any time to let us know what you’d like to organize and you’ll receive advice or support in your efforts.

You can also request the Third Party Fundraising Document for LCIH guidelines, ideas and planning tips.

Host a Fundraiser on LCIH’s Behalf

Indulge in creativity! Encourage your business, school, family or community group to organize their own fundraiser on behalf of Lanark County Interval House!

Not sure what to do? Organize an event or initiative that reflects your particular group’s interests, pastimes, or passions—if you love to be outdoors, maybe you could consider how you can organize a “Hike Healing”. If you love to bake, why not try to organize a unique baking lesson with friends and family? And if you just love plain, crazy fun, try a costume party or dare to dye your hair the colours of the rainbow—if your colleagues donate enough pledges!

Important Guidelines to remember when organizing a fundraiser

    • Net funds must be submitted no later than 60 days after the event.
    • We will not assume any legal or financial liability associated with third party events and we will not be held responsible for any damages or accidents.
    • We must approve the use of our name and logo on any materials.
    • We are more than happy to provide promotional materials for your event, such as posters, pamphlets, and/or our banner.
    • All tax receipt issues must be discussed with Lanark County Interval House prior to the event.  All tax receipts will be issued in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency’s regulations.
    • We cannot issue tax receipts for donated services (example: advertising, construction, entertainment, etc.)
    • Need more information? Please feel free to contact us. We appreciate your support and hope that your event is a success!


    I don’t want to organize a fundraiser at this time, but my group would still like to help.

    There are several ways for groups help. You can distribute the LCIH Wishlist to each member and ask each person to fill a grocery bag with items from the list. These items help us to serve our clients on a daily basis. Providing us with these items allows us to focus more funds directly into our programs.

    To add fun, try creating a contest and provide a prize for the individual or group that is able to cross off the most items on the wish list.

    Or your group could consider volunteering for a special day project. Provide the paint and offer to help paint one of our shelter bedrooms, or come together as a group to help us at one of our annual events.

    Call the Volunteer and Fundraising Coordinator to discuss the best fit for you at 613-257-3469 x 27.