16 Days Of Activism 2014 Campaign


16 days topper

Where do you work? Are you employed in one of the following sectors? Then we are calling you this year!
Hair salons/Estheticians, Manufacturing/Unions, Construction companies, Health care providers, Politicians, Restaurants, Farmers, BIA/Chambers of Commerce, Educators, Realtors, Corporate/Financial institutions, Automotive Sales and Services, Faith Groups, Media outlets, Athletic Associations

November 25th is recognized as the International Day for the 16 days poster actions sectors final-1Elimination of Violence Against Women. 

The 16 days that follow are referred to as the 16 Days of Activism. 

During these 16 days leading to December 10th, which is Human Rights Day, we are all called upon to take action to end gender based violence.  As we recognize and honour our 35th year of service and as we approach the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre December 6th, 2014 we want to engage as many people as possible in taking action.

Last year Lanark County Interval House supported the Purple Scarf Campaign, using the scarf creatively to engage leadership and we ended up with a great poster showing many faces of those committed to end violence against women.

This year, it seemed quite fitting, being an anniversary year, to engage and challenge the many sectors that are also impacted by violence whether in their homes, communities, educational institutions and/or work places.  We have chosen 16 sectors and we are asking you, encouraging you, and we will support you, to do your part during the 16 days to make it clear that you don’t tolerate violence and hate in your community.

During the 16 days engage your workplace and do something!  Perhaps attach a statement to each paystub related to violence, host a public education lunch with LCIH staff and honour the issue, gather your colleagues and review your violence in the workplace policy, survey your team to learn about those in your sector impacted by violence, host an event, raise funds for your local shelter, donate holiday gifts, or sponsor a family. Most importantly, have conversation, as we are all impacted by violence and we are all equally a part of the solution.

So please find your way to honour this solemn occasion and lived reality by finding your passion to take action to end violence.  A list of activities is being provided simply as suggestions so please be creative.  Let us know your plan, how we can help and how we can share your actions to effect change and inspire others!


  •  Put up an Angel Tree at your work and have people donate gifts for local women and children
     Have an Awareness Campaign such as everyone wearing purple and telling people why
     Hold an Education Day – invite local social service organizations to share their work
     Sponsor a Family for the Holidays
     Car Dealerships – Poster car windows with awareness materials
     Hold a third party fundraiser – such as an old fashioned bake sale, dress down day and donate the proceeds
     Faith leaders— create your Sunday sermon around the issue of violence against women (VAW)
     Make calls to politicians to voice concern about VAW and the lack of funding for women’s programs
     Review violence in the workplace policy with employees. Don’t have one? It’s time!
     Post a statement condemning VAW on your social media/website
     Attend the 25th anniversary vigil to honour the victims of the Montreal massacre—held Dec. 6th
     Commemorate the day at your own workplace
     Media – write or do a story informing readers/listeners.
     Host a public education speak at a staff meeting or over lunch- Contact Brianne (613) 257-3469 x 63
     Teachers – show students a film such as Pray the Devil Back to Hell, Made in Dagenham or the shorter you tube video of Evelyn Parry remembering Dec 6th 1989 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G7SRicwpT0
     Put a Lanark County Interval House (LCIH) pamphlet (or other educational flyer) in every person’s paycheque
     Survey employees on their experience with VAW to better understand needs of colleagues
     Investigate and implement a pay roll deduction plan with proceeds going to a local women’s shelter
     Sponsor a service to help LCIH run programs for women and children
     Offer volunteer hours to a local women’s shelter
     Create a sustainable plan to donate food from meetings to a local organization that helps women
     Don’t make any sexist jokes and speak up when you hear one. Try saying “what did you mean by…?”
     Stylists – have a cut-a-thon
     Put posters all around your workplace with VAW information
     Learn about the signs of abuse
     Read Emily Kwissa’s story http://www.thekwissa.com/media/
     Listen to a Ted Talk such as this one by Jason Katz – http://www.ted.com/talks/
     Google “why don’t women report violence” and learn more
     Watch this – Caution MANY F Bombs – use discretion http://vimeo.com/109573972
     Farmers – make plans to plant a row of crops to donate to local shelters
     Create your own anti-violence label to use on one of your products and donate a portion of the proceeds
     Create a flyer, with your own anti-violence statement, to insert into customers shopping bags
     Collect a specific clothing item (socks, underwear, hats, gloves) to donate to LCIH clients
     Check out LCIH’s wishlist and make a donation http://lcih.org/about/shelter-wish-list/
     Create an environment where women and kids can talk about what is happening to them
     If you recognize yourself as being in an abusive relationship, talk to someone, call our crisis line,
    1-800-267-7946 or (613) 257-5960 and find your courage!
    Email mgmtasst@lcih.com, post on our facebook page, tweet @lcihcommunity #16days or give us a call 613-257-3469 x23

The 16 sectors chosen for this year are:

  • Funders
  • Hair salons/Estheticians
  • Manufacturing/Unions
  • Construction companies
  • Health care providers
  • Politicians
  • Restaurants
  • Farmers
  • BIA/Chambers of Commerce
  • Educators
  • Realtors
  • Corporate/Financial institutions
  • Automotive Sales and Services
  • Faith Groups
  • Media outlets
  • Athletic Associations

Over the past 35 years Lanark County Interval House has continued to engage in the good fight to end violence against women and their children.  Through programs, services, public advocacy, political action, education, and community engagement we continue to make every effort to ensure that women and children’s voices and lived experiences are heard.

We appreciate your ongoing support and we are confident that together we can continue to make a difference!

In Solidarity,
Erin Lee

Executive Director,
Lanark County Interval House